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Whether or not you’ve already taken the emission test, there are things you can do to prevent many issues with your engine or exhaust which may keep your vehicle  from passing the emissions test.

At Tico’s Auto Repair, we take preventative measurements to ensure your car is always properly maintained to factory recommended schedules so that your car operates safely and efficiently.

Be sure to ask us about our maintenance services to keep your car running great.

If you have failed an emissions test recently, we’re also here to help!

If you’ve failed the emission test, the first thing we help you with is a comprehensive diagnostic to pinpoint where the trouble lies. We do this to make sure we get to the root of the problem without having to surprise you later with additional services needed which could have been avoided up front.

We then perform our high quality emission repairs to get you ready to pass your next test.

Need Emission Repair To Pass The Emissions Test?
We're here to help